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My husband, Greg, and I had been trying to conceive for three years.  It was the second marriage for both of us. He has a beautiful son from his first marriage and we were eager to add to our family.  When we tried to start conceiving I was 27 years old and he was 33.  Like most ladies, I figured it would just take one month of trying to conceive and I would get that pretty pink line show up on a pregnancy test.  Well, the first month didn’t produce a positive pregnancy test.  I remember being so upset and angry that it did not work.  I am sure that the hormonal shift brought on by my menstrual cycle did not help my feelings about the situation.

Well, after a few days I moved on to more positive thinking and resolved that the next cycle would be our cycle! Well…the second…third…fourth…fifth…sixth…cycle passed and still no positive pregnancy test.  I became concerned that something was wrong.  I have always been a bit of an analytical person and I started my internet search on fertility.  I read that it could easily take a healthy couple six to twelve months to conceive a child so I ignored my gut and we kept trying.  After about the tenth month of trying to conceive I was very concerned that I had a problem.  Most people around me told me not to worry and as soon as I stop thinking about it then it will happen.   Meanwhile, it seemed that many people around me were popping up pregnant left and right.  I just was not comfortable with that mindset that it will happen when it happens and not to worry about it.  What if something was wrong? 

I decided to continue on in my conquest of knowlege. My husband already proved that he was fertile since he had a son so  I scheduled a visit with a fertility specialist.   They performed the HSG test to ensure my tubes were not blocked.  The test came back perfect.  I was given blood tests to check my estrogen, progesterone, and LH levels to make sure they were in proper order and that I was ovulating.  They came back perfect too.  I just could not figure out why I was not pregnant.

 The more I read online I figured that our timing was just off.  So, I invested heavily in different ovulation monitoring systems.   I found that I had signs that I was definitely ovulating from all three of the different systems I purchased.  After about 14 months of trying to conceive I was getting exhausted trying to figure out what was not working.  Time after time I read that women and men equally contribute to the success of fertility and both should be tested to ensure their reproductive systems were working properly.  I decided to ask my husband if he would mind getting tested and he agreed.

After a sperm analysis and blood work we found that his sperm levels were very low.  Statistically, it would be very difficult to achieve a pregnancy without medical assistance.  This was very upsetting news to us as we explored our options for assistance because all options were quite pricey.  We were advised to undergo invitro fertilization.  This procedure could cost upwards of $20,000 a pop!  We starting saving and researching what doctors had the best results and lowest costs.  We found a wonderful clinic in Guadalajara, Mexico that specialized in Mini-IVF and was very affordable.  After consulting with the doctor by telephone and hours upon hours of research we decided to take the plunge and go through with a process called Mini-IVF in a foreign country! 

It was a fantastic experience and we enjoyed it greatly.  The end result of our first round of IVF is that I had a reaction to the minimal amount of medication given to me to stimulate ovulation.  After taking Clomid for about 7 days and receiving one gonadotropin injection I had enlarged ovaries and over 25 eggs growing at the same time.  The aim of Mini-IVF is to only retrieve and fertilize about 5-6 eggs.  I was way over that egg limit.  Had I continued with the medication I would have been hospitalized with Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome.  Our doctor is a very kind and careful gentleman.  He immediately stopped the medication and had me under close supervision.  At that point I was very concerned that our cycle would have to be cancelled due to an unstable uterine environment.  When you develop OHSS your estrogen levels skyrocket and it makes it very difficult for an embryo to implant in your uterus.   At the same time I was so relieved that I did not choose to have traditional IVF performed in the United States.  There is no way my body could have handled the amount of medication administered in traditional IVF that is so common place in the States.

After a few days the doctor advised that we not try to fertilize and implant the embryos on this cycle.  Our doctor cared greatly about every embryo they came in contact with and did not want to lower the odds of survival by implanting them in a hostile, estrogen rich uterine environment where they would have a very small chance of surviving.  He decided to extract my eggs and freeze them.  Then we would come back for another visit when my hormone levels were normal and he would then fertilize and implant the embryos.

So, we headed back home with intentions to get back to Mexico as soon as possible.  It was going to require some time for my body to adjust back to its normal state and for us to save for another trip.  Six months later were returned.   The doctor thawed my 7 eggs and four survived the thaw.  All four were injected with his sperm.  This process is known as ICSI.  Now it was time to watch them grow for the next three to five days.  By the second day only two embryos were still living.  The doctor decided it would be best to implant the two embryos on the third day.  When I arrived on the third day I found that only one of the two embryos survived but it was a perfect embryo.  They implanted the embryo and off to the hotel to rest we went.  We were very happy and confident that we would meet our baby in about nine months.

We left Mexico after a wonderful, relaxing experience and returned to our home in sunny Florida.  I started taking pregnancy tests about six days after the embryo transfer.  I took test after test for ten days with negative results.   Finally, my period came late. I was very sad and felt hopeless.  We exhausted all of the savings that we had, and I knew we would have to go through the process all over again.  Fertility treatments are never guaranteed to work.   I knew that going into it, but I thought we would be one of the fortunate couples where it worked the first time.  

Instead of staying in a low state of depression I asked myself, “What can I do now?”  “What can I do to get back to Mexico?”  “What can I do until we get to Mexico while we are at home?”  I started reading incessantly on the internet again.   I read more into artificial insemination then I did before.  The doctors never suggested that we take that route.  They said to go straight to IVF and that’s what we did.  Well, now I wanted to see what some more cost effective options existed while we saved for IVF again. 

After reading about the process of insemination I found it was used for various reasons and there were three main types of insemination.  The three types were vaginal, cervical, and intrauterine insemination.  Vaginal and cervical inseminations were really the only methods my husband and I could use at home since unwashed sperm could be used with these two methods.  Unwashed sperm means that it is the natural sperm produced by means of ejaculation.  

Washing sperm is a process that can only be done in a doctor’s office.  Washing sperm involves removing the prostaglandins that are naturally found in sperm so that the sperm can be placed directly into the uterus.  It is very dangerous to a woman’s health to place unwashed sperm into the uterus.  It should never be done.

So, after reading about insemination and discussing it with my husband we decided that we would find the tools to perform a home insemination every month until we had enough money to try IVF again.  It was something affordable that we could do instead of watching the clock tick as we waited.  After three months of home insemination I saw the beautiful faint pink line I had been waiting for three years to see!!!!  I started to cry out of pure joy.  We finally had the addition to our family we had been waiting for and would meet him in 9 months.  When I shared the news with my husband he started to cry too.  We are so happy to share our lives with our new son.

We understand the pain and agony that occurs when you want so desperately to become a mother or a father.  We know that seeing fertility doctors and being poked, prodded, examined, and cut through tests and procedures can be exhausting both mentally and financially.  We understand that is feels unfair that in some circumstances being able to have a child means you must have a lot of money.   Our site is here to provide an affordable way to conceive a child in the privacy of your own home.  We want to be a resource to everyone out there that needs help and wants to speak with someone who may be experiencing a similar situation.  Whether you are married, single, straight, gay, or any other lifestyle chosen it is our natural desire to become parents.  We want to provide an option for you to try to achieve that dream.   We would be happy to answer any personal questions you may have.  We are not doctors, but we have been through and studied a lot during the three years we tried to conceive.  We would like to share as much information as we can to those in need.  Please email us at sales@inseminationsupplies.com with any questions you may have.  We wish you all the best in your goal of becoming a parent.